Discord Ban Appeal For Khalil Hunter

Byond Account: howluinb
Character name: Khalil Hunter
Discord Name: Howluinb31153#1759
Round ID: —
Ban Message: Discord Ban

Appeal: I made a bad joke following someone’s asking what “scat” is, expecting it to be nothing more than a dumb joke everyone will look at and go “ahah, look, he’s making a terrible joke”. However, I did not think about the fact kids where in the chat too, along with the fact some people might not even get the reference - meaning I just broke a rule. I acknowledge that, and I really am sorry. Along with that, my behavior in the shed, according to demkova, sounded like i was trying to be a “smartass” and was being a cunt, when I meant nothing by it - to me at the time, shedding wasn’t that bad and I just wanted to know exactly how i ended up here - arguing for the sake of arguing. If I had been released, I wouldn’t even have brought up the subject again. I, however, realize now it was ill-timed and dumb of me to act this way, and I sincerely apologize as several staff members seemed very angry and i hadn’t even realized it. I sincerely just wish to get unbanned, and will do my best to stop all of the “off-color” (not to say edgy and just plain bad) jokes i can make when not really thinking, and I understand if I’ll get put on a much tighter leash as a result.

Sorry for getting John Willard to post for me - I told him the interface was really confusing for me and he proposed to do it for me, and was assured it’d be fine.

Alright so after a bit of deliberation we have decided to accept this appeal. Sorry for the delay in response!
Also it’s alright about the willard thing, we usually prefer people handle their own appeals.