Discord Ban Appeal - Khalil Hunter

Byond Account: howluinb
Character name: Khalil Hunter
Discord Name: Howluinb31153#1759
Round ID: —
Ban Message: Discord Ban

Appeal: I made a bad joke following someone’s asking what “scat” is, expecting it to be nothing more than a dumb joke everyone will look at and go “ahah, look, he’s making a terrible joke”. However, I did not think about the fact kids where in the chat too, along with the fact some people might not even get the reference - meaning I just broke a rule. I acknowledge that, and I really am sorry. Along with that, my behavior in the shed, according to demkova, sounded like i was trying to be a “smartass” and was being a cunt, when I meant nothing by it - to me at the time, shedding wasn’t that bad and I just wanted to know exactly how i ended up here - arguing for the sake of arguing. If I had been released, I wouldn’t even have brought up the subject again. I, however, realize now it was ill-timed and dumb of me to act this way, and I sincerely apologize as several staff members seemed very angry and i hadn’t even realized it. I sincerely just wish to get unbanned, and will do my best to stop all of the “off-color” (not to say edgy and just plain bad) jokes i can make when not really thinking, and I understand if I’ll get put on a much tighter leash as a result.

Why are you doing someone else’s ban appeal? This will be reviewed when he submits his own appeal.