Discord Ban Appeal - mischef?#9611 REPLY TO PREVIOUS TOPIC

  • Byond Account: O_mischief
  • Character Name: Jacob Crown
  • Discord Name: mischief?#9611
  • Round ID of Ban: None, this is a discord ban.
  • Ban Message:
    None. I didn’t know I had been banned until I contacted a mentor (Duron#8203 on discord) and they quoted “He was banned today for repeatedly posting racial slurs” from the Fulp discord server. After appealing here on forums I was told that I posted a racist video by Horatio22, the banning admin. Upon asking what the video was I was shown a screenshot and then the topic was promptly closed by Slig before I could say or ask anything.
  • State your appeal:
    The video contains no actual slurs. I asked the original poster and was assured the caption mirrors exactly what is being said, so no n-word, no racist slur, just “black men”. The content does not violate ToS, has no slurs in it, and is completely SFW. That said I apologize if anyone might be offended by the joke as I now see why it may be found offensive by some, but I still don’t think I should be permanently banned overnight for reposting a tiktok video before going to bed. It’s a silly mistake I did and I’d hate to be PERMANENTLY cut off from the community over something so small and insignificant.

I beg staff to reconsider for a non permanent punishment. I have joined fulp with the hopes to redeem myself from my bans on tg and bee and I’ve been trying hard to fit into a community. There are few other places I can go from here. I will take 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, anything. If you decide to give me a second chance despite this mistake I will try even harder to be solely positive for this community and follow the rules even more carefully. Fulp was really the only server left in SS13 where I could enjoy myself after being banned from TG and Bee, so this is very important for me.
Therefore I humbly ask for a last chance.