Discord Ban appeal

Byond Account:Last_Methbender 
Character Name(s): Randalphina checkerovistsky
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Last_Methbender 

Was banned off the discord earlier today after posting a ‘sh*tsec’ meme, I overlooked the use of the R slur in one of the speech bubbles.

I did see that someone mentioned it below and I was called away IRL before I could have corrected the mistake.

I was the person that called it out, It was the F slur, not the R slur.

I made a mistake in the post is was the F slur not the R one.

Denied for now. You were warned multiple times and spent a while in the shed. Also you don’t seem to be apologetic at all about this, which certainly doesn’t help your case. Re-appeal again in a few weeks.