Donglesplonge's ban appeal

Byond account: Donglesplonge
Character Name(s): none as i did not participate in the round
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): donglesplonge#8541
Round ID of Ban: 18002
Ban Message

State your appeal: i feel as though the IDs of me and another user have somehow been getting mixed up as i have gotten a computer ID warning every so often while playing, on top of the fact that i have never played chemist and don’t functionally know how to make chem grenades i couldn’t begin to fathom how the mixup occurred, i have talked with an admin before about the computer ID issue ( i believe it was Tom Hardy) and he simply told me to just ignore it as unless i was running a VPN (which i don’t) it shouldn’t happen. the closest characters i have to a chemist are a geneticist named ozzy mcclain and a scientist named Coma XIV, and while i have been warned about weldertank bombing the shuttle seconds before round end report (i will admit that was me just being stupid) as far as i know i have had no prior warnings.

This is an issue with our ban detection system, not anything in particular that you did wrong. This should be fixed now. I’m going to leave this thread open for a bit to make sure you can log in; please let us know if you’re still unable to do so.

i can log in again thank you