Double the warden double the stupidity

Byond Account:
Character Name(s):Crux CF
Discord Name:Noodlecat
Round ID: 23430
Griefer IC name: Braylon Weisgarber, Aerion Brightflame
Griefer Byond account (if known): no clue

What happened:
Start out as a non-antag robo, ian is found in exprimentor, we(me and unk) have the idea to extort money from command by holding ian hostage by using a pre-solved abandoned crate. Ian is returned to the office before we can enact the plan, and instead i take the place of ian and we decide to split the reward. I am locked in the crate by unk as per plan and we go the front of bridge and prep. I call for sec as part of the plan, skip forward some bit, crate randomly explodes???(i genuinely have no idea why it exploded when it did, my best bet is unk was randomly cycling through the passwords or something??) the blast knocked me and unk’s legs off. The first warden, Brightflame, permas both of us, without providing any medical treatment, puts me in the first part of perma, which was next to the other outer part of perma, which was spaced. He puts unk in the outer part of perma, as he had both of his arms blown off he is unable to escape and dies. the warden ignores this until the ai points this out. after which the warden grabs unk, and another perma prisoner, ignoring me dispite the inner area now being inhospitable. i manged to slip out and stand around outside the spaced perma, the warden then makes the decision to put me on the guluag, still without providing any medical treatment. Its worth mentioning at this point that around a second after i was thrown into perma i rolled sleeper agent. afterwards i ordered a radio implant, attempted to call for help, to no avail, this is when i found out the other warden had been doing some random non-sec related shit on lavaland including: putting forks in random microwaves. a bit later the other warden(Braylon) shows up puts a fork in a microwave for zero reason, i then promptly order a syndicate revolver, shoot them to death, then escape. i then come up to the station to find it in complete disorder.

The most obvious rule broken here is 4.2 and 4.5, however the warden’s(brightflame) comments throughout the experience which normally were in the likes of “tough luck” when i asked for basic medical treatment somewhat go into rule 0.1 territory of being a dick.

The other warden (Braylon) seemed new and in dchat told a story of accidentally clicking on warden instead of assistant. However some parts of their story seemed odd (for example at first they stated they only put a fork in the microwave once “to see what would happen” but later they admit to doing it multiple times)

This is being dealt with, however

Ian is an antag theft objective, if you dont want to be treated like an antagonist, don’t act like one.

" * 4.5 Ensuring prisoners receive timely revival and proper medical care is the responsibility of everyone in the security team. Unless an execution was authorized by the captain, this applies to any player killed by security. Detaining players who are dead or will likely die from injuries without attempting to provide medical care (e.g. throwing a prisoner in critical condition in a cell) is a violation of 4.2. See “Prisoner Medical Care” in Space law for more information. Repeated negligent deaths may result in a role ban."

After committing a crime acting as an enemy of the corp, security is able to execute you with the captains permission, security does not have to heal you if you end up blowing your legs off while they are trying to arrest you.
While they did leave unk in a depressurised area, they gave him medical attention after he died and moved you to a safer place on the gulag so it seems to have been a genuine mistake instead of intentional grief.