Dumbass Engineer

Byond Account: Exymian
Character Name(s): Mehmed Miller
Discord Name: Exymian
Round ID: 9084
Griefer Byond account: ?
Griefer Byond name: Indiana Jones and an officer

What happened: So i was a first time heretic trying to get my target with 300 dilation, i find her in chem lab and she seems to be ssd and was a lab rat(?). I feed her meth and try to contain her but handcuffing and holding apparently doesnt. Anyway i chase her for a little and she screams rape erp and stuff and there on the back a hero, a knight, a simp with a champion suit i dont know how he got it starts following us. I let her go but he wants revenge on her.

He chases me with security, i get flashbanged, he comes in and searches through my stuff and tells sec to brig me because i had 2 zipties and a tracker(im a paramedic, duh)and screams and ree’s at security to brig me because i had 2 zipties while i try to explain to sec that we were RP’ing.

I get put in interrogation room cuffed and room closed on me as the shuttle was going to arrive in 4 minutes. No reason for arrest and Indiana for powergaming and valid hunting.

Taken care of.