Engineer turned officer did a grief

Byond Account:PersontheUnknown
Character Name(s):Burt Garneys, Craig Walker
Discord Name:PersonUnknown
Round ID: 20197
Griefer IC name: Amy Hawking
Griefer Byond account (if known): N/A

What happened:
They apparently started out as a station engineer, and was promoted to sec by the HOS, and for some reason had an HOS level ID, yet no mindshield. Now, while that is questionable, the main thing they did was attempt to subvert the AI so that it would “like them better”. I was the CMO, and security really didn’t seem to care about anything he was doing, so all i could really do was take the HOS ID, which was blank with access, and throw him out of bridge. They then hacked right back into the bridge, and tried to arrest me for “robbing him”. This whole time, the rest of command including the HOS was dead so i had to take the word of an unmindshielded person with a blank HOS ID that he was legit, so i didn’t. They later broke into the HOP office after declaring that they would make themself the HOP, but the AI logged the console out before he could.
While admins were on, I waited until the shift ended to make an ahelp because i wasn’t sure if they were a traitor or not, they weren’t, and the admin told me to just make a grief patrol.

This has been dealt with. Thanks for the report!