Epic james shitter minced several people as a non antag. cringe?

Byond Account: Shangeko
Character Name(s): Flepus (chemist)
Discord Name:shangeko#6455
Round ID:12413
Griefer Byond account:???
Griefer Byond name: epic james
What happened:Alright ill start off from the beginning (which was not very long).

I went to bar as a late join and i started to read the tg/chemistry to decide on what i was going to make for this round i come back to having my head smashed against the table then lit on fire and beaten to death with a baseball bat. At some point the chef came in to stop him and took his weapons he decides to also kill him. at this point i have yet to lay a finger on this grey tiding shitter. After killing me he says i had hit him and then takes my body along with chefs to the meat grinder and gibs us. i spend the whole round observing which was fairly annoying. along the way it appears a mime by the name of shy(ssd at the time) also got gibbed which was probably him this was among many other shitty things he did that round though i wont comment much on those as i was not there for half of them. I have never seen a more cringe grey tider in my time on ss13.

Length1 appears to be the cringe grey tider sad to see people like that around here.

They are gone, thanks for bringing it up.