Escalation with John Smith towards King Crow

Byond Account: Byrobbie
Character Name(s): King Crow
Discord Name: robbie#6252
Round ID: 17696
Date: 11/25/21
Griefer IC name: John Smith
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened: Well it was nukies and me, a mime, and john smith were in the trash area at cargo. John Smith starts beating the mime with his stun baton into crit so I pushed him into a wall, stunned him with his baton and cuffed him, waiting for security to arrive to explain the situation since he called them. Security came and agreed with me and didn’t really do anything, someone gave him a slap, so I left him cuffed and buckled on a chair because there were explosions right outside from nukies and neither of us had access to leave the room. Later on in the round he was like chasing me down and eventually shot and beat me to death with a shotgun, even while there were nukies he should’ve been killing. I think he should just have a temporary security job ban because he doesn’t know how to do the job or something and he seems new so a normal ban and he would probably go back to being shitsec the day he got unbanned instead of trying other roles.

Taken care of!

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