False Greenshift

Byond Account:Twox
Character Name(s):N.A.G.A.T.H.A 2.0 
Discord Name:Twox
Round ID:14631
Griefer Byond account:
Griefer Byond name:Botanists, Sarah booth, countless more. 
What happened:

Botanists armed up on every lethal thing they could get, claimed independence and eventually proceeded to flood the station with killer tomatoes.

Sarah Booth stole lethals from the armoury, detained and beat atmos techs for being irradiated (they were working on the HFR and the SM was constantly delamming over and over), and upon me bolting her in an office to get security to arrest her - spammed “AI malf” and did her best to murder all my cyborgs that shift.

Command early launched without a major threat.

Golems hunting down sentient creatures.

Chaplains broke into the bridge and armoury.

Overheard QM declaring cargonia.

Plasma golem bombed Bridge announcement console.

Someone welded engi during a delam

Assistant raiding the armoury and attacking sec.

Probably more things I didn’t catch.

It was a greenshift.


I would also like to add that Sarah was also spreading radiation all over the station, as she didn’t bother to wear proper protective gear while arresting the techs for essentially nothing, and subsequently left many people in medbay as well. Purposefully or not, she was aware of the fact.

Sarah also used lethals against the borgs and had killed them several times - all because they told her to stop fucking around with the techs and tried to contain her shitsec.

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I can confirm that Sarah Booth was griefing engineering and borgs. She has raided the amory (HOS and orginal warden were ssd) them proceded to destroy us (borgs) by shouting that ai is malf withotu any proof. In the end she was arested for her behavior and presumly executed by captain order.

About that botany part, they have put a lot of punji sticks in coridor (they set them again after i destroyed them).

Can attest to Sarah’s behavior on this round.

Maxim Bould self antagged as botanist this round, and possibly the previous round as well (I believe he created killer tomatoes on both)

Was One of the 4 Botanists that Shift (Wants-The-Wings).
One of them said at the very start of the shift about wanting to get a Ton of Killer Tomatoes (Maxim Bould), the other two were $hitters in their own way but a little less direct at least until later into the shift.

I PDA’d the HOS almost right after because the attitude from those three screamed greytide and not to mention they were rude asf. Let him know what was going on. He replied something like “Thanks-Noted”
As the shift got a little further on I think like the 10-15 minute mark I messaged HOS again saying he really needs to plan a raid on Botany in like 10-30 minutes because the 3 botanists were feeding off each other with their Botany-tiding attitude.

I just wanted to get a bunch of Holy Melons, was sad day to be a Botanist.

I was the HoS. For the record I wanted to deal with this situation but the captain took it into his own hands and said he was authorizing their actions. With no admins online my hands were tied at that point.

the person who welded engineering was a clown. i watched and almost got arrested for it.

Sarah was taken care of during the round or shortly after by Iam13yearsold, I cleared up the rest of this.

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