Farrel Webb Self antaging

Byond Account: Quando

Character Name(s): Zhutroy Fanta

Discord Name:

Round ID: 9369

Griefer Byond account:

Griefer Byond name: Farrel Webb

What happened:

Farrel Webb was a bartender and was force feeding people large amounts of whiskey in medbay while they were in surgery. After being called out on it he ran away from medbay and I shoved him. I then informed security, who did nothing, then went back to medbay. Farrel Webb then attacked me with a spear, killing me. He then followed me into medbay and waited for me to be revived but still unconscious and put me in a body bag and dragged me to his bar backroom, where he then killed me again and burned my body.

While spectating him he also admitted to drugging people with krokodil and tried to space a security guard at evac.

End of round report showed he was not any kind of antag.

Taken care of.