Favourite job and why

To start, my favourite job right now is AI.
I enjoy being able to organise, watch and manage things with the occasional malf AI round or janky laws to make it interesting.

Also you can make paintings and then display them as your ai core.

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I joined the police to kill people


I love atmospherics i can control the tide of life in the whole station by merely activating a few pipes i can give them breathable if i choose i can also burn them down to the ground im like a God!
Not only that but i can make weapon of destructions that can completly wipe out the station in a matter of minutes like the Singuloth and Tesla
I also love atmospherics because it is quite complex and you can make different metals and gasses with it.
Oh and most of the time you’re alone and no one really bothers you so that’s a plus.

I like being HOP, as you have the whole station on yourshoulders and can make infinate clown slots, Fun

I like captain because I’m a shitter :slight_smile:


me too, i like playing captain to grief and rule skirt mostly

I like deputy because funny dodge

assistant because i hate responsibility

Deputy (specifically Science and Cargo as they always have something happen) - Being melee god is pretty fun, all while you don’t have to care about anything else but your department and get to chill out and roleplay.

Medical doctor.
Now there’s a few reasons.

  1. First of all its a job which primary purpose is to prolong others gameplay time. And I just enjoy doing that. Now of course there’s virologist, that makes vaccines, engineering, that supplies energy, security, that protects from antagonists, but MD is the only job that’s is directly linked to it.

  2. It has depth. Thank god to the 2019 med reworks its actually fun to fix people and see how this person got to this state. And there’s no ultimate solution to death(except maybe regen crossbreeds but fuck them).

  3. So I could beat up, kill, gib, round remove, decap and gut people that use stasis.

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  • Multiple Ways to play (janicart with buffer upgrade, advanced mob and bucket with absorbent galoshes, watertank backpack etc)
  • Super easy to pickup and learn.
  • Super easy to teach new players once you’ve mastered it yourself.
  • Actively helps reduce serverlag by merely doing your job.
  • Super robust if you know how to take advantage of slipping people.
  • Great for “baby’s first antag”.
  • The yellow wet floor signs are free body armour.
  • Bear traps for security nukies chasing you.
  • Cool janitorial cape when you become a master cleaner.