Fernando's contributor aplication - Coder / Amateur spriter

Byond Account: fernandoj8
Character Name(s): Jean-Luc Carter, Junal Gelesh, Tin LXVI (Formerly also a couple others like Lacida Obscura or Waters-The-Plants)
Discord Name: FernandoJ8
Age: 16

How long have you played on Fulpstation?

Exactly one year as of today (I totally wasn’t waiting to make this cause I wanted to line up and you will have no proof otherwise in a court of law.)

In terms of in-game hours, I have a little over 430 living hours and 30 ghost hours with a clean note record other than a self-requested antag-ban and a green note.

Show us your work what is a PR/Piece of art/ Code you’ve done!

Most of the stuff I’ve made has gone to TG, since it’d be impractical or impossible to make it modular, but I’ve been told this is fine. My main interest is getting more into coding. I’ve mostly worked on fairly minor tweak so far, but things are starting to click and I’ve been trying to do more… interesting stuff, now that I feel more confident.

My main reason for wanting to become a contributor is that I think I’d benefit a lot from having goals to work towards via becoming a part of the team and being able to help with the stuff that’s being worked on.

In terms of ability I’m a newbie for certain but, like I mentioned, the code for this game is starting to click in my head and I believe I’m becoming mildly competent, if not experienced in that regard.
I’m mostly okay at sprites, even though it’s not my main jig and though I haven’t tried much mapping myself, I’m familiar with StrongDMM.

Relevant PRs that I’ve made are probably…

In addition to a bunch of mostly 1-line fixes, qol stuff or organizing code that aren’t really worth mentioning.
As of late I’ve also been trying to be more active on the dev channels and there’s one or two things that I’m currently working on over there, like the Captain’s Aid or the resprite for abductor tools.

So yeah, overall I think I’ve gotten good inertia going as of late thanks to the motivation of possibly becoming a contributor now that the age requirements have been changed.
I want to make sure I don’t let that momentum slip, so that’s why I’m making this app.


Resprited alien tools my beloved…


those are almost assuredly going to get scrapped in favour of a new style that’s being worked on atm, actually


+1 active on discord and seemingly fairly competent

Knows how the spaghetti code works +1

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wow this guy is a spaniard like me, massive +1

yeah but these ones are cooler

Oh yeah it was only an matter of time !!!

hey fernando is cool

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+1 amazing dude.

+1 does the pr

+1 finally

contributor fernando

+1 Fernando is cool
another +1 they helped me understand code behind sprites

spanish native gang +1

There’s been a lot of debate around this app the past week or so, and the consensus is that we are generally a little cautious about accepting contribs who are under 17. That being said, we’ve come to an agreement that we are going to permit apps from contribs under 18 with the understanding that they will not be given #art-streaming VC perms. Your app is accepted. Welcome to smurf village.