Fluxah Ban appeal #3

Byond Account: Fluxah
Character Name(s): Imram Ahmad
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): Machiavelli#1268
Round ID of Ban: 22926

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste): 22926 - core 2 validhunting. As a non antag assistant validhunted a traitor. DC’d before I could talk to you. You have a similar recent note, so this has been progressed to a ban.
State your appeal: Hi I’d like to argue against my ban for valid hunting.
The rules describe valid hunting as “searching for / preparing for / dealing with antagonists and criminals without a need or duty to do so.” I late joined the station as an assistant. I had left the shuttle and when entering I saw a syndicate shooting a dart pistol at a security officer. In arrivals after critting the first security officer the syndicate holding the dart pistol and wearing a syndicate mask was fighting a second security officer where I threw the corpse of the first officer at him to attempt to steal his contraband. He picked it back up before I could take it from him and then died. I then decided to leave the game since I was feeling quite tired anyway and since I died I decided i’d go to sleep.

In no way do I believe this was valid hunting.
As I was helping the security officer deal with the antagonist who was killing him and his associates.
I had nothing in my backpack other than a survival box and a instrument delivery beacon.
I had not seeked out for this antagonist. He was fighting in the arrivals hallway I had just spawned in.
Due to the reasons that I had not looked for or prepared to fight a antagonist and only tried to help the security officers in need. I believe my actions were justified and no “hunting” took place.

It also states that I have a recent note for valid hunting which I am unsure of since I can’t read my note history currently. From my memory this is incorrect. However it’s entirely possible I’m wrong also.

Thank you for reading through my appeal
Imram Ahmad

Going over the logs this checks out can’t blame you for defending yourself and leaving after being dead. Everything happened in the arrivals hallway you didn’t even make it out at any point alive. Unbanned.

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