FormorA Permanent Ban Appeal

Byond Account: FormorA
Character Name(s): Pandan
Round ID of Ban:17782

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: This round is where I had ascended as a heretic for the first time ever and had destroyed the entire blob and saved the crew and was thanked by the heads and many crew members and was thus allowed into the heads quarters of the evac shuttle and made the “new captain” and was having fun as the now ruler of the crew. I was extremely happy as I had a really good round, and I was bored while evaccing and wanted to make myself laugh, so I told the people in the room to strip. I almost immediately get told by Guillaume Prata that what I did was stupid and borderline ERP. I had responded to them in the same Ahelp that that was not what I had in mind AT ALL, I hadn’t even considered that as something that was erotic. I told them I just thought it was funny, and it was a misunderstanding. Soon after that message from Guillaume Prata, I tell everyone to get their stuff and put it back on as that was not what I had in mind at all and didn’t want to upset them by thinking I was doing something erotic. All I did was tell them to strip, as in I was just thinking of them dropping their belongings so that I could laugh and make sure that they weren’t going to shoot me or attack me as there were security officers in the room and the RD had a fire axe, and some were holding laser guns. I had not mentioned anything else that could have supported the assumption that I was ERPing. After I told them to put their stuff back on and made sure everyone had their stuff back on, I figured the Ahelp with Guillaume Prata was settled, so I just told the people in the shuttle to dance and do flips. Soon before the round is completely over and after had made it to centcom, I got permanently banned. As for the previous ban for “erp” which was a long time ago, if I remember correctly it was me upset with a security officer who I had told to “suck my dick” as I was being an ass to them from having been arrested and was annoyed that day. I am in NO way purposely trying to ERP with ANYONE, nor have I EVER as I have made sure that ever since that initial ban for “erp” i have completely avoided anything that could be remotely considered as me acting “erotically” or “romantically.” The idea of me telling the people in the room to strip had not crossed my mind as anything but funny and an action to ensure my safety. I had in no way thought of it as something that could be considered erotic, and I told this to Guillaume Prata.

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Enlighten me: What is the non-sexual context of commanding someone to strip for you? Even in the interest of self-protection, I find this a bit dubious.

I personally just felt that it was funny and in no way considered it as something remotely sexual. I could have equally said to drop your weapons but that way I wouldn’t know if they would pull something out of their bags or find a way to harm me. The very first word that popped in my head that was the shortest and easiest way to have them drop all their stuff was to for them to “strip.” I in no way considered this as something sexual and I would never do so, the last thing I want is to interact with others in a romantic or sexual way that could strain the way others see me or interact with me as I play Fulp a lot and the last thing I want to do is have others consider me as someone that acts like that. I mentioned above that since after that first ban for something that was considered ERP when I had not meant that at all, I have completely avoided interacting with anyone in any way shape or form that could be considered romantic or sexual, as that is an uncomfortable topic for me and avoid that since that initial ban for “erp” lasted a very long time and don’t want a repeat of it. After the warning I got, I immediately told everyone to put their stuff back on as I didn’t want to give the impression that I was trying to act erotically. I didn’t even do anything else that could be considered erotic besides telling everyone to strip, and after I made sure everyone put their stuff back on I just wanted to entertain myself lightheartedly so I just told them to dance or flip.

Even looking up the definition of strip, it says " 1. 1.remove all coverings from. “they stripped the bed”
2. 2. leave bare of accessories or fittings. “thieves stripped the room of luggage.”" If I wanted to act in a sexual manner I would have told them other things besides stripping that could be considered sexual, which is the very last thing I want.

Line 16222: [2021-12-02 03:58:07.033] SAY: FormorA/(Pandan) "im going to kill reina miki as my reward" (Departure Lounge (50,120,2))
Can you explain why you decided to kill Reina? There’s no logs of the two of you interacting before this happened.

After I was walking to the shuttle after having killed blob, I had asked over sec comms as to why I was set to wanted after I had helped by saving the crew from blob. I get a response from reina miki who says “?” and I immediately figured it was her as she has done the exact same in the past a long time ago to me before when I was a syndicate helping the station temporarily. I didn’t realize there was a problem with that, I’ve seen ascended heretics go on killing sprees for no reasons constantly so I had assumed it was alright. I might as well add that I didn’t think it was a problem considering I didn’t want her round removed or anything just because of that, so I used mansus grasp on her and brought her back as a ghoul right after.

So… metagrudging. Got it. That along with screaming “PADAN GAMING” over and over and the dubious comment (which you didn’t mention your logic of wanting to check for weapons in the ahelp, only that you thought it was funny, which makes me skeptical about it) in addition to your history of obnoxious behavior- which I even commented on with your last ban appeal- makes it difficult to accept your appeal. We strive to have an MRP server, and having regulars who are consistently engaging in metagrudging or LRP behavior - let alone something like as threatening to kill people if they didn’t strip regardless of context- isn’t the atmosphere we’re going for. I’m denying this appeal for the time being, but I’m willing to reconsider in a month if you want to re-appeal.