Free golem shards dead people whilst trespassing onto the station anyway

Byond Account: TheVillageStoneMason
Character Name(s): Tuyi
Discord Name: BigManMason
Round ID: 14667
Griefer Byond account:
Griefer Byond name: Adamantine Grotto
What happened: Firstly, they came onto the station as a free golem, which is an offense of itself. Secondly, they came into medbay and stood next to a corpse I brought back and was gonna start working on. They asked “can i shard this one” to which I respond “no”. They said “lame” in response so I know they heard me. They proceeded to shard them when I wasn’t in the room without permission from the dead person or the doctors trying to help them. TL;DR round removing people as an uninvited free golem.

There were many xenobio shitters in this round like migos and diamond golems that were self antagging but I don’t have exact names for them.

Just a note, Free Golems and other Lavaland spawners are generally allowed to enter the station, though they are held to a higher RP standard.

This is wrong. They are only allowed when invited and then they have to maintain high RP standards and remain peaceful. Please don’t comment rules that you don’t know well or add to grief patrols you weren’t involved in.

This has been taken care of.