Fren Lee Apparent Self-Antagonist

  • Byond Account: Tholok
  • Character Name(s): D.O.S Deadly Operating System
  • Discord Name: Abattoir#4889
  • Round ID:9223
  • Griefer Byond account: Not Known
  • Griefer Character name: Fren Lee
  • What happened: The Supermatter Core was sabotaged several times in the round. I am not sure who did it, but on one occasion when I came to fix it a character called Fren Lee and I were literally clicking the atmospheric alarm for the Supermatter Crystal chamber at the same time and he was reversing my changes. I reported him to Security and he was arrested. I observed him attempting to escape from permanent incarceration using a blowtorch to dismantle a wall. At the end of the round, he was not an antagonist unless I missed an entry.

Taken care of.