Fulp? Banned by TTGNASA

Byond Account: CarsonEagle
Character Name(s): Zorupolon
Discord Name CarsonEagle#9618
Round ID of Ban: 16723
Ban Message 48594fc8b185922358af2b961ba2c5ca
State your appeal: I was attempting to understand why I was being arrested as there was no indication that I was a cultist or even “treasonous” for that matter. The admin who banned me has been targetting me for sometime. Instead of explaining why, he decided to deny every request and even close a ticket with another admin. It’s clear he’s a shitter and will continue to make fulp look bad. All I wanted was an understanding, and broke none of the rules in question. Thank you, for your time. I’m up for answering further questions and elaboration.

yes i have had problems with this specific admin too, he always repeats his questions twice or closes tickets iwth no explanation or mutes you from ahelps and is generally irresponsible.

also to add to this i too was a cultist and saw exactly what went on, it was 5 minutes into the round and security just came up and arrested the clown for “treason” even though we did nothing wrong and cult wasnt even revealed yet, this breaks metashield and is metagaming as the shift wasnt even blue yet itwas green!

dont think the ban message appeared right but the admins seem to be targeting everyone who breaks the rules? its crazy i was gonna write a reddit post about it earlier


admin shopping…

ryder said the same thing when he was banned. and the guy that was banned before, and after him.


I checked the logs, and you did open 5 tickets about this and continued to do so after being warned to stop. Staff aren’t obligated (and usually aren’t allowed as it gives vital round info) to explain what happened and why it’s IC, but security catching you as a cultist is pretty obviously IC. Sec is allowed to know what the cult is, and submitting 3 tickets that just say “sec metagaming” isn’t any useful information to begin with. You obviously didn’t actually read the rule that NASA cited, so here it is:
3). While players are encouraged to ahelp problems they have in-round, misusing ahelps (e.g. complaining about round type or asking to be an antag) is not acceptable. If your ticket is rejected or marked IC and you wish to have it reviewed, file a staff report on the forums as additional tickets regarding the same issue will be ignored. Misusing ahelps clutters tickets, and repeatedly doing so may result in notes or a ban.
If you think a staff member is targeting you, the proper place to report that is via the staff reports, but considering you couldn’t even be bothered to make a polite appeal or read the rule you broke, I doubt it.
Appeal denied.