Fulpstation Landing Zone - Links and Guides

1. Introduction
2. ‘HELP, BANNED FOR SAYING LEWD’ - Obligatory to Read Links
3. ‘John help, how do I switch hands’ - Newcomer Guides
4. GIT GUD - Guides/resources outside of the TG13 wiki
5. Closing words

1. Introduction
Welcome! If you are brand-new player and you have already found this forum, you have already managed to prove that you can read and click links. I foresee a bright future for you. I will make your future even brighter now:


Smash that button whenever in need of help regarding game mechanics. ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE ANTAGONIST. Asking “how do I use ling sting” in OOC is bad and will spoil the round type for everyone who has Out-Of-Character chat enabled.

Also consider joining our Discord server. It has these useful channels for even more help:

Invitation link is here: discord.gg/SVu782A

I am Neumann, IC Katherine Hayden, mentor for Fulpstation. I want to try and gather everything that is useful into one place.

2. ‘HELP, BANNED FOR SAYING LEWD’ - obligatory to read links
Take your time to read these. Really. Do it even before hitting “ready” or “join game” buttons. We are a medium RP server and mistakes are allowed to happen, however, there are still some things that might net you a perma ban that you will have to appeal if you want to play here. That would not be nice, eh? Enjoy.

Server Rules | Fulpstation Wiki - Server Rules - READ IT. Chances are, if you break them or are suspected for breaking them, you will hear characteristic “bwoink” sound - look in the chat log immediately for “PM from Administrator” and click their hyperlinked name to reply. Really. **Not responding to admin PM might result in having a trip to Brazil

Roleplay Standards | Fulpstation Wiki - Roleplay Standards - Another important bit that will make other players and mods happy if you follow it.

Job Expecations | Fulpstation Wiki - Job Expectations - You’re expected to follow these expectations for the sake of yourself and other players, especially if you pick limited roles. IE selecting Paramedic only to perform surgeries when there are enough Medical Doctors will make it harder to perform their job. Also think about all those poor souls who actually turned their suit-sensors on and are watching their corpse helplessly rot in space.

Fulp Spacelaw | Fulpstation Wiki - SPESSS LAW - if you are new, chances are that you will pick Security Officer as soon as it is unlocked. Read this before you do so. Hell, read this anyway, at least you will know why are you getting brigged or when to report sec for abusing their role.

Welcome to Grief Patrol - Forum Grief Patrol - Together with:
Grief Patrol Template - Grief Patrol Template - Grief is bad. Grief spoils fun for others. Don’t grief. If you think you are being griefed and there are no staff present or the round is over, write a report. You are actually contributing to the staff by doing that, as you are helping in catching those griefing bastards or pointing out heavy mistakes of inexperienced players to remind them of what is acceptable.

Staff Report - Staff report - Fill this out if you have a serious issue with one of the staff members. DMing about bans to other people and insulting mods might not help your cause.

Ban Appeal Template and how to make a staff report - Ban Appeal Template - If you believe you were banned by mistake or you finally decided to behave like a sentient human being with active brain cells, use that template. Refrain from making more than 1 post at a time. Spamming about bans DO NOT HELP. Also, if it is temporary ban, consider just waiting it out.

https://wiki.fulp.gg/ - Fulpstation Wiki - We are a downstream of TG13 codebase, so anything unique about our server goes to this place.

GitHub - TheSwain/Fulpstation: Fulpstation's downstream of TG - Fulpstation’s Repository - Our current repo.

3. John help, how do I switch hands - Newcomer guides
Starter guide - /tg/station 13 Wiki - Starter guide - Read it so you won’t need to ask how to switch hands in mhelp. As said earlier, we are a downstream of TG13, so many guides on their wiki are still relevant to our server.

Guides - /tg/station 13 Wiki - Guides - Links to job roles, game mechanics and other guides.

4. GIT GUD - Guides/resources outside TG13 wiki

Ultimate Guide on how to DOMINATE the server

John’s video guide to Medicine!

Tuyi’s Virology Video Guide

Virology Cheat Sheet
Viro Cheat Sheet - Google Sheets Design a new space aids. Save your recipes by copying template to new sheets inside the document, filter by active symptoms. You might also want to use: https://virology-app.web.app/

Willard’s Guide to Maxcap
If you want to earn a medal, get called a hero and hear players spam ‘Nice’ in common radio channel, look at this one:

Acastus Saint’s Guide to Medical

Being an inexperienced MD is hard. Being an inexperienced MD who doesn’t ask questions is even harder. Having medbay full of inexperienced players might unwillingly create a salt mine due to lack of attention. Do not be afraid. It is okay to learn and to make mistakes.

Beefman: how to survive
Beefman: how to survive - #5 by Alucard so you don’t die roundstart and no more waiting till medical figures out how to keep you alive! :slight_smile:

John Willard’s guide to Revolution as Head of Staff
Noone who plays Command likes Rev rounds. Time to, if not change that, at least give them a proper challenge:

Sheet’s guide to Atmospherics
Tired of being told to stare at the pipes till they make sense? Then try this one out and stare at it until it makes sense!

Become the space Walter White with ghetto chemistry

Dr Kirie’s quick course on medicine

Few tips and guidelines for engineers from Andy

How to be a nightmare

Few tips from Neri for warops

2 strats for warops written by our beloved @neri

5. Closing words
New players are always welcome. I hope that you will stay longer with us and that you will be able to find much needed help here. Remember, all of us had to start somewhere. It is okay to make honest mistakes. Have fun.

To mods: feel free to do with this post whatever, including edits/deletion without asking me.