Game ban appeal for DarylTheThird

Byond Account: DarylTheThird
Character Name(s): Daryl Tinkleton, Samuel Rodrigues
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234):  realmt#0001
Round ID of Ban: 24158

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):

State your appeal: Me and the clown were having a feud and i have the hypertool and i killed him because he had the dartgun and shot me with something, it was space lube but it could have been anything. i did instigate it a little by telling him to face me in the chapel and i thought it was all good fun in the end even though i did kill him i thought he could just be revived really quickly. then some lizard came along after the fight and started stabbing me with a boxcutter so i made a baseball bat mid fight and started killing him. he ran off and collected some glass shards and threw them at me till 3 more people came in and crit, and killed me I DNR’d and then got banned like 30 seconds later for being a grief account. I just watch a lot of videos and know how to be sort of robust. I really dont know why the lizard started attacking me but what was i supposed to do? stand there and let him stab me?

Do you use or have used any other BYOND account in the past?

maybe one like 7 years ago but i cant remember the name or password

Thats crazy under what account were you playing on austation then cause it wasnt created until late 2018/2019

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7 years ago was when i made it i lost the account recently

Thats so inconvenient how convenient that happened

Unless you are able to recover the other account, there is sufficient evidence that this is a grief account, so this appeal is denied. Feel free to re-appeal with your original ckey.