Gerhard Meyer killing spree in hallways during evac

  • Byond Account: McOnchePonche
  • Character Name(s): Terrence Trevia
  • Discord Name: Tristrian#5000
  • Round ID: 9169 I think
  • Griefer Byond account: —
  • Griefer Byond name: Gerhard Meyer
  • What happened:

With the Bartenders and Jeffia, we were going to the evacuation shuttle. Garhard Meyer blocked us the way, and started punching Jeffia. I told him to stop. He let me go, but still punched Jeffia. I insisted to let her go too, but kept fighting. The front of the bar turned into a battle between Gerhard and the bartenders, while I was still shouting to stop. We were all killed, but Garhard didn’t stop. He ran in the hallways, killing everyone on sight.

I ahelped. I didn’t receive an answer, but he was sent to a centcom cell.

Thank you for your attention.

This was handled in round.