Graytiders using auto-targeting script, going ssd and joining with another account when caught

Byond Account: Iosyf

Character Name(s): Larry Laggsworth

Discord Name:Iosyf [Larry Laggsworth]

Round ID: 11294

Griefer Byond account: unknown

Griefer Byond name: Ana Randolph, Talia Smail, Camila Mcmullen, Security Cyborg-469

What happened:
Ana Randolph and Talia Smail and Camila Mcmullen

  • all were going around killing people with auto-targeting scripts (they hit humans perfectly with no unnecessary delays from different tiles with perfect timing upon coming in a 1 tile distance from them.)
  • all went ssd after being caught and put into brig/perma/killed
  • there was never more than 1 on the station at a time
  • they immediately started fighting&killing upon coming on board the station
  • I’d like to request a perma ban for this most likely 1 person using a single vpn with a ban message of “not allowed for people below the age of 13 or cheaters or griefers - go back to school”

Security Cyborg-469

  • not following proper borg protocall & rules after being borged - not following laws too (probably)
  • probably just doesn’t know how to RP as a silicon when previously human

Dealt with Ana Randolph and Camila Mcmullen in round. Not the others, someone will look into them at some point.

  • Marcos Rahl - round 11315 - same guy “Ana Randolph and Talia Smail and Camila Mcmullen” - ban that vpn ip too please - went ssd after being caught by security
  • Jasmin Stocker - round 11315 - same guy - went ssd after being caught by a cultist

Connor Zeal - round 11316 - same guy

I have dealt with the cases that were not taken care of in-round.

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