Greemshif t :))

Byond Account: Sheets
Character Name(s): William Cloth
Discord Name: Sheets#6667
Round ID: 13786
Griefer Byond account: 
Griefer Byond name: Hugh Armstrong, Mark Suckerberg, Cat Nines
What happened:

Mark Suckerberg dragged me into the kitchen and started cqcing me to death after I shoved him once in botany trying to help him get over the counter faster, I fought back after he slammed me through 2 tables and hit me a few times, then he put me in hardcrit but brought me to med.
Hugh Armstrong attacked and eventually beheaded Jesse Pinkmen the chemist for seemingly no reason.
Cat nines, a sec officer, was stripping crit people’s bags in medbay to look at what they had and steal stuff on green alert. Someone also yelled on comms they were stealing their stuff, I dont remember seeing them say a word the whole round.
Also alivia said at roundend someone chugged a whole virus crate which made everyone sick, dont know who.

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I arrived very late into the shift so I was not aware it was greenshift. I walked into a shift where I instantly got a bad virus. The person in question was a moth in a prisoner jumpsuit, I thought he was dead so I just took a look inside it. I did not take anything. The second person in question yelling on comms, I saw them use a hand teleporter on different occasions so I apprehended them to get it back.

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Its aight, in the future i recommend just saying something before, it helps a LOT

Dealt with, thanks for the report!