Greg2's mentor application

Byond Account: Aether217
Character Name(s): Robert Home(human/felinid), GR-3G(all silicones), Bonko(clown)
Discord Name: Greg2#2757
Age: 20
Timezone: GMT+2
Active hours: It may change on some days due to my courses but generally 11:00-22:00/

How long have you played on Fulpstation? About 122 hours

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?
Security: This is where you’ll mostly find me either as warden or hos, I know space law and how to process prisoners and detained crew in order to avoid possible escapes, I understand how the sec equipment works and where to find it, how to manage my armory and what to hand out and when. I know how to deal with most antagonist threats and how to direct my officers and detectives on keeping order and I am used to stopping prison riots without killing them.

Medical: I understand how to patch up people, the basics of surgery and the concept of triage in order to prioritise the most important people.

Engineering: Not my department of choice but I know how to patch up holes, set up consoles and what to do when there is no air/bad air.

Supply: I understand prioritising station goals and money management, I know what I should and shouldn’t allow when it comes to orders and what to order during emergencies. When mining I try to actually get ore for the station and what the departments want, I am still learning to fight megafauna though ping makes it an issue.

Science: I am still learning the department but I am experienced in genetics, I know to make constant drop offs of useful mutations to departments and what mutations I should never hand out unless I am antag.

Service: I can do drinks and basic cookings, what departments need the most cleaning and to never leave anything that creates miasma around and how to help security and the station during cult.

Silicon: I understand my lawset well and know to avoid common borg mistakes(ex: letting permas out as doing so will lead to harm, that’s why they are in there), I play as a helper for departments rather than just better crew(ex: janitor borg) so I don’t step on their toes.

Command: I know how to direct my officers and detectives to be effective during the round, what to do when understaffed, how to handle most antagonists once confirmed, mediating conflicts between officers and crew or crew and crew, how to properly arrest a head(ex: getting decisive evidence first) and the steps of demoting a captain if they are being shitter(talk with the other heads, if centcomm is available ask HoP to contact them, if not hold a vote among the heads and decide with them)
As HoP I know when it is acceptable to hand out perms to where it is needed, to communicate with relevant heads or direct people to them for job changes, prioritising and closing jobs and moving my console to a safe place if the current round presents a risk of tiding into my office. Also, Ian <3

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?
A lot of officers are too batong happy and go by the idea of detain now and maybe ask questions, they do not know the procedures of handling heads suspected of being traitors and how to act in times of crisis which is why I mostly play HoS and Warden.

While I may not have a high number of hours compared to other people this is also a good opportunity for me to understand where my weakpoints are and what to improve upon.

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+1 for good sec

Fun HoS
Felinid HoS

+1 solid head of security

Somehow has no notes about shitsec despite being a sec main. Impressive. +1

+1 is literally the only sec officer main that can stop me from escaping without slapping me in a straight jacket maybe he will make sec more robust?

+1 pretty good sec

Nush, you are what keeps my wardens awake at night when you are perma haha


Greg is a nice. Very good HoS +1