Greif Patrol - Round 15036

Byond Account: ZigguratVertigo
Character Name(s): Canna-Boll
Discord Name: Ziggurat Vertigo
Round ID: 15036
Griefer Byond account: 
Griefer Byond name: Alex Crest
What happened: I had a 2nd degree burn on my arm and went to medbay asking for a fix. instead of a doctor, a psychologist tried help me, somehow making my body freeze (I was a lizard so this was very bad) and then decided that feeding me pacification pills would help. I died, and it came very apparent this person had no idea what he was doing. they repeatedly moved my body while the paramedics tried to revive me and refused to leave when the doctors asked him to, several times. I'd like them to never have a role in medical again.

Don’t post grief patrols during the round. Ahelp it.

This was ahelped and dealt with in-round. Closing this.