Greif report for a massive powergaming engineer who was racked up with lethals and armour

Byond Account:DevinXoptoh
Character Name(s):Chip Shafer
Discord Name:
Round ID:13342
Griefer Byond account:
Griefer Byond name: Leland Zeal
What happened:

Massive powergamer/tider engineer who was non antag, was calling shuttle and had lethals on him, as an engineer .
This is Leland Zeal! He is wearing a blood-stained engineer’s jumpsuit. He is wearing a helmet on his head. He is wearing a blood-stained armor vest. He is carrying an antique laser gun on his armor vest. He has an industrial backpack on his back. He has a toolbelt about his waist. He has a gas mask on his face. He is wearing PDA-Leland Zeal (Station Engineer).

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actual images:

Bonus of them with the RD, an ACTUAL head of staff

dealt with thanks for the report