Grief Patrol - 14796 - Beanz McHeinz

Byond Account: phatarsh
Character Name(s): Vethorel
Discord Name: Ollie#5373
Round ID: 14796
Griefer Byond account: unknown
Griefer Byond name: Beanz McHeinz
What happened: 

Started the round as RD, radiation storm event occurs about 40 minutes into the round. I get heavily irradiated and am glowing green. I don’t even notice this until one of my scientists says something, and continue working on my project in my office until he mentions it. I’m wounded at this point, and science is infected with a nasty virus that downs me. My radiation in combination with the virus proceeds to down the person trying to save me, and Beanz calls for a lockdown in science. He then proceeds to put my horifically irradiated body in toxins testing lab with all of the other infected, who slowly die due to a combination of my radiation and the disease. The cure is slow progress, and 7 people are dead in toxins testing due to the combination of these things. As his dying wish, Beanz commands a scientist to flood the testing area with plasma and burn us to prevent the disease spreading. If we were on a station where a cure was not possible and resurrection was not possible it would be a sensible course of action, but in reality both of these things are possible and all the fire did was prevent anyone from being able to save us, shuttle was called and the round ended.

This has been dealt with, thanks!