Grief patrol - 16013

Byond Account: Sheets
Character Name(s): William cloth
Discord Name: Sheets#6667
Round ID: 16013
Griefer Byond names: Warden (i dont have name, sorry), Alisya Easter (RD), Banes Johnyard (Botanist), Charlie Dival
What happened:
All of these were ahelped in round around the times they happened

  1. The warden (i forgot the name) was dragging a cuffed officer to doorms while holding a shotgun near my office, so i stopped them and questioned them, they then threatened to shoot me, so i called their bluff and they shot me, so i took the shotgun and emptied the rest of the rubber shot into him and gave it back. They then came back twice, the first time I lasered them into crit in my line and made sure someone got them to med, and the second I just took their shotgun after a lack of hissing (mime) shoved them. They were also attacking other people around the station as someone gave me an emptied laser gun they said was from them.
  2. Alisya Easter, the RD neglected their duties by going off to validhunt bloodsuckers instead, I also saw them steal the captain’s ID from medbay and not return it.
  3. Banes Johnyard was tiding into departments using bluespace tomatoes as a botanist.
  4. Charlie Dival (not a botanist) made mutagen bees in the halls which I saw stung several people, they stung me a bunch when I took them off him but thats my own fault.

Alisya also nabbed Captain’s Sabre before running off with Captain to Medical, didn’t see them ever since till much later in a scuffle between me and a duo of a Heretic and Bloodsucker where they jumped in and died.
And I can confirm about Charlie, saw people being chased by bees with mutagen getting mutated from getting stung.

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i watched this go down as a ghost (observe) the warden did indeed start to shoot at you after he needed you to your line to demote a shitsec and you told him “why dont you make me” and thats when the fighting started. i will admit that the warden was very rude demanding that you go to your line saying “hop line NOW”. Honestly you both handled it wrong. they were looking for you. not dragging them to dorms. he had the shotgun cause the sec officer was the one that had it and he had to take it from him. sec officers name was alexander something that was teaming up with a lawyer named jesse pinkman. pinkman was going to gulag and alexander tried to stop the hos from arresting them. they never did get demoted cause of all the fighting.

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I asked him why he wasnt in sec and he threatened me to go to my line with a gun, i had no clue what they were doing and dont remember them telling me they were getting demoted.

yeah i saw that. i dont know what his problem was. he def started it.

I’ve looked into all of these cases and taken action where necessary. Thanks for letting us know!

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