Grief Patrol: 3 Validhunters

Byond account - exymian
Character name - Mehmed Miller
Round ID - 11275
Griefer Byond account: x
Griefer Byond name: Chaz Armstrong, Seed-Ien, Dookie McPoopie
What happened - After i get caught, hos tries to take me away to gib me but i play for the long game and cryosting him. When i was cuffed and in kitchen, 2 assistants saw my armblade and went in to help him. Hos didn’t call for help, i was cuffed and in crit . They both start gutting me and heal up the hos. Dookie takes my dead cuffed corpse to chapel to cremate but he realises that it has no pwoer so he bluespace bodybags me and welds me in a locker and spaces me as an assistant. Since there were no admins, i ooc ic because jsut to warn him.

I don’t remember when Chaz Armstrong got involved in this but he was in it till the end. He chased me around with hulk and a claymore excessively, he tried to cremate me, when i died delimbed and stripped me. All that jazz, unprovoked.

This has been taken care of.