Grief Patrol: Borg being an asshole

Byond Account: SoreYew

Character Name(s): Sore Yew

Discord Name: Soryuu#0002

Round ID: 10564

Griefer Byond account: dunno

Griefer Byond name: Security Android-883

What happened:
At some point I was stunned by cult but the CE and I robusted them and the sec borg was chasing them, so I threw the cult sword i had spam clicked into my hand at the cultist, hit them, and then the borg thinks im cult and arrests me. One brig trip later, im free and trying to vibe out and do engineer things.

Later on im actually converted and the same borg catches me. He proceeds to manhandle me and take me around departures and anywhere that isnt brig or the chapel, appearing that they want to space me, but doors were welded. They instead opt to strip me in the main hallway, and as im being looted by people they stun me a bunch since we had the sneezing disease and kept falling off them. They ignore my complaints and just say that “I need to learn my lesson” and that “the ai told them” to do it. I doubt the AI told their borg to strip any cultists so they are literally useless after they’re deconverted. Laws didn’t even matter in that situation they’re being awful.

I was AI, I’m new so please let me know if I did something wrong or if you have any tips. Here’s the relevant interactions that I saw. I’m not sure how this chat fits time-wise. There was no mention of stripping at all. I agree they should have taken you to brig or chapel. Sorry that happened.

Robotic Talk, K-01 (Engineering Cyborg) queries, “Can we validhunt?”
Robotic Talk, K-01 (Engineering Cyborg) queries, “I mean, are culties valid?”
Robotic Talk, N.E.D. 9000 (AI) states, “You have to have proof they are a cultist before taking action against them”
Robotic Talk, Security Android-883 (Security Cyborg) queries, “AI can i kill cults?”
Robotic Talk, N.E.D. 9000 (AI) states, “If you are 100% sure they are cult, you may imprison them at perma”
Robotic Talk, N.E.D. 9000 (AI) states, “The captain has execution privilege”
Robotic Talk, Security Android-883 (Security Cyborg) states, “Gotcha”

By 100% sure I was hoping they would ignore people unless they were guilty beyond a reasonable doubt - like if you were saying that cult stuff… Cthulu’fnaagzn or whatever)

If the borg was attached to you, I recommend keeping a robotics console up incase you ever need to lockdown a borg for breaking both of your laws.

Hey there! Thank you for reporting this issue, which has now been looked into, and have a nice day!