Grief Patrol: Eduardo Barret abusing pogo the clown

Byond Account:stygoo
Character Name: Pogo the clown
Discord Name:stygo#7454
Round ID: 10472
Griefer byond account:
Griefer Byond name:Eduardo Barret

What happened: I was told I should make a grief patrol about this by another moderator, and was also told its not his first time being shitsecurity, and that hes been talked to about this before. Now I only saw this partly so, some of this might be out of context, but this is what I saw;

As the warden Eduardo Barret was spamming lungpunch with krav magas on Pogo the clown, casually harm batoning him, who was already brigged at this point.
Clown obviously tries to escape for his own safety from the abuse, gets brigged yet again for attempted escape.

Then the clown somehow manages to wallshove the warden, and deliver a few punches in with the baton in his own self-defence, clown eventually gets flashed, and Eduardo, as mad as he is, starts harmbatoning the clown to crit who was already stunned from the flash and ready to be cuffed, then brigs him yet again for another 5 minutes, while the clown is in critical health, does not call for medical attention in common nor try to bring him to medbay or make an attempt to heal him, and leaves his body to rot until he eventually dies.

This issues has been handled, thank you for reporting it and have a nice day!