Grief Patrol: Lawbreaking AI

Byond Account: exymian

Character Name(s): Murderer der Childeren

Discord Name:Exymian#9483

Round ID: 11410

Griefer Byond account: Battlecreeper

Griefer Byond name: S.H.O.N.A.H

What happened: I was a murderboning wizard, the ai had reporter lawset. It kept telling my location to people, bolting me down, closing a firelock on me and kept opening doors into places where i was where i eventually died this way.

What part would’ve constituted the AI breaking its lawset?


Law 3: Study the organics at all times. Endeavour to keep them alive. Dead organics are boring.

Them opening doors and telling my place isn’t really endeavouring to keep me alive. Instead of reporting and making it interesting, they closed a firelock on me which locks me in my place and kills me and them opening the doors for the crew to come in and kill me are the major ones.

To add onto this, at one point as you were in the RD’s office, the AI said “Dont fight the wizard that’s brave which is bad” then mere seconds later, opened the door for the Detective to engage in combat with you

Yeah I figured you were quoting standard reporter. I was asking if there was an extra law that was added and it was breaking THAT law.

I was a murderboning wizard

You self admitted you were murderboning wizard. While murderboning as a wizard is not against the rules, It can be argued that the AI revealing your location is the AI acting on law 1 and making reports. Closing/opening doors on you could be seen as the AI preventing you from harming more organics as per law 3. Letting you murder people and thus result in more dead organics is boring. The most that can be said as a no-no is it crushing you with the door but there can be a “for the greater good” argument made that it was needed to prevent more deaths at your hand.

It’s really upto the AI player and admins on the interpretation of a lawset and an argument can be made that laws were not broken.

“Closing/opening doors on you could be seen as the AI preventing you from harming more organics as per law 3.”

Closing and opening doors will not stop a wizard, this is common knowledge. This can easily be interpreted as AI inviting people to come fight the wizard. I may have some bias against silicons but the actions are very obviously hinting that the AI was more focused on forcing the wizard into a bad spot (Leading to his death) than reporting.

Looking into this.

The AI’s say logs read as them reporting your location and warning people not to go near you. Reporting your location is fine on reporter. Bolting you down is fine too since that helps prevent you from causing involuntary organic death.

In terms of the firelock, there’s no good logs for this as far as I’m aware but I’ll give them a note and message them anyway so they can tell their side of the story. If this indeed caused your death then the AI did break laws here.