Grief Patrol on Boss Moth

Byond Account: Drackzo

Character Name(s): Lilin Karmotrine

Discord Name: rich#5265

Round ID: 11244

Griefer Byond account:

Griefer Byond name: Boss Moth

What happened: As the Captain, they ordered a ling test on me, the non-antag CMO, for absolutely no IC reason I can find. I had just basically been in Medical all shift except leaving once or twice for strange reagent supplies. This is not playing Captain competently and feels like metagaming to me, ordering tests without any evidence. Also I’d argue the test itself is equivalent to execution thus shouldn’t be performed at all in such circumstance but I guess this is more for policy discussion.

I was ling that round and another ling managed to absorb Boss Moth and impersonated them around halfway through the shift and someone had you as their target according to ling comms. May have been a ling who was just trying to remove your brain and then not revive you to complete the objective. Admins should still check though.

Appreciate the info but this happened pretty early on in the shift, plus they didn’t try to absorb me or ensure my permadeath so I doubt it was a ling.

This seems to have been a misunderstanding, but it wasn’t random anyway.