Grief Patrol: Robbed and almost killed

Byond Account: HugoOdaX

Character Name(s): Akena, Urist Stone

Discord Name: HugoOdaX#3272

Round ID: 10849

Griefer Byond account: Crashbolts and Bruhsyster371

Griefer Byond name: Marissa Millhouse and Jared Ramos

What happened: I was building a cool shuttle in space as an Engineer, just vibing, but then I see two black space suit lads aproaching. I thought: Hey I might as well roleplay a bit and I said Hi and if they liked my shuttle. After saying that they wordlessly shoved me, stripped my hardsuit and my bag before I managed to escape and somehow reach the station alive. They didn’t have any objectives to kill me so that was really unnecesary, if they wanted anything for me they should’ve asked first.

Sorted this out, thanks for the report.