Grief Patrol: Rogue Warden that loves using Jew as a slur

Byond Account: SoreYew
Character Name(s): Sore Yew
Discord Name: Soryuu#0002
Round ID: 11436
Griefer Byond account: dunno
Griefer Byond name: Santi Ago

What happened:
Warden was awful all shift, I only witnessed firsthand after 1:10:00 because I was a curator exploring space. Includes assaulting sentient xenos for no apparent reason, and other basic shitsec. But what really takes the cake is:


First few times I just shoved him a bunch and challenged him to a fistfight, then mocked that he was too scared to fight a felinid. But not only is it an IRL insult, its a particularity nasty one as well.

To add to this, he slipped me with a banana, slipped himself, i grab him and slip him too after he gets up so he says “This is assault” and spam flashes me.

This has been taken care of. Thanks for the screenshots; they really sped up the process. Thanks!