Grief Patrol: Shitter goes hulk in a tard rage

Byond Account: Yung_Foot_Lettuce

Character Name(s): CBT-9000, Cesar Fea

Discord Name: Yung Foot Lettuce#2600

Round ID: 9675

Griefer Byond account:

Griefer name: Cole Bluetenberger

What happened:

I was a secbot and was hunting wanted criminals. I found Cole Bluetenberger who was already wanted for assaulting an officer out of no where. He was in a backroom of bar and I believe had just beaten an assistant into crit. I stunned and cuffed him and then dragged the assistant to medbay. The whole time he was whining like a bitch and calling me bad as well as breaking character occasionally. I told him to stop whining and stop causing expenses. I put him in a cell and explained what happened to warden who decided he needed to be perma’d. I spent the next part of the round doing my job as usual and then I respond to a call for backup near engi maints. Turns out somehow the asshat got out of perma and had gotten hulk gene. He had begun murderboning far before I got there and was attacking an officer. He ran around killing anyone he could until me and several officers killed him. Apparently he got revived later on in the round and was a general asshole and shitter for the rest of the round. To be clear he was in no way an antag, just a shitter with an overactive murderboner.

Sorting this out
EDIT: Sorted this out, thanks for the report!

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