Grief Patrol Spooner Mannheim & Frank Jaeger

Byond Account: KyriosArchelon

Character Name(s): Drya Rubicunda

Discord Name: Archelon

Round ID: 9360

Griefer Byond account: 

Griefer Byond name: Spooner Mannheim (at the time) & Frank Jaeger

What happened:
Deckard Kain and myself were in an escape pod, near arrivals. 
Spooner Mannheim arrived and we conversed about a random soulless body nearby.
 I assumed, Spooner was new, he asked whether we should bring the body to Med. 
After explaining that soulless means gone we all went back in. 
Spooner then manifested an armblade and killed both of us.
Roundend Report shows, that neither Deckard Kain nor me were his goal.

Frank Jaeger, a Deputy and no antag whatsoever, found my body, 
proceeded to loot my stuff and went away, 
instead of at least making an effort to revive me.

I didn't ahelp it, as I wanted to wait for the roundend report 
This happened right around the shuttle recall.

Taken care of.