Griefing by Slippy Johnstein

Byond Account: Dracule13

Character Name(s):Angie Sybilla

Discord Name:Vempy#1578

Round ID:11001

Griefer Byond account:

Griefer Byond name:Slippy Johnstein

What happened: I make my way into botanist to get out of maintence, without warning this guy starts jabbing me in the EYE, and makes me permantly blind, nearly killing me, and taking all my stuff then putting me outside his door. I didn’t show any hostile action or anything threanting in any manner what so ever. I actually asked for help. I call for an Admin to save me from dying, and his response was I tried to attack the botanist Slippy Johnstein, how ever he couldn’t find logs about it so he was obviously taking up for him (FLAREMAG) BUT he then finds logs about the botanist engaging, attacking and nearly killing me, with me doing anything in return, right before I went into crit I did tried to self defence, but failed. That is when I called an admin. Slippy broke several server rules, and I was punished just for doing nothing. I already made a staff report on Flaremag. (slippy was non antag, and had no right to randomly attempt to murder me, ruin my entire round making me permantly blind.

I wasn’t there the whole round, but from the logs, which I spent considerable time looking at , you clearly said not but 3 words to Skippy. You said hi, asked if he had a screw driver, then proceeded to smash into the botany backroom when he refused to let you in. He assaulted you with a screwdriver, sure, but only once and then you threw a vodka glass at him and set him on fire for trying to remove you from his department. This is lethal intent as far as his understanding would go. He hurt you quite a bit, but he never even put you into soft crit, which he had every right to but chose not to do so, instead opting to blind you. He only took the items you stole from botany, and then threw your satchel back at you. Your “non-hostile” intent was further invalidated when you tried to attack him again. I sent you to medbay, and even ahealed you to fix your blindness. After I spoke to you to let bygones be bygones, you used the opportunity to go ahead and run right back to botany, clearly looking for revenge as you stated in the ticket. The HoP does not get to determine whether or not you get revenge, that is against server rules when you were justifiably removed. I moved you from botany back into the hall, and you said you wouldn’t stop until you got your revenge. Slippy in no way griefed you, and again, your satchel was returned to you after he recovered the stolen items. Which for some reason you were unable to recall what the items in question that “belonged” to you, were. You proceeded to continue to get worse both by spamming ahelps, and then harassing me personally. This behavior is not acceptable, and you simply could’ve followed procedure and fill out the correct forms, but you didn’t do just that.