Griefing security officer Tyson Muller

Byond Account: MikeHoncho1337
Character Name(s): Ismael Dimeling
Discord Name: Mike Honcho (Ismael Dimeling)
Round ID: 24823
Date: 6th March, Around 5:10PM server time
Griefer IC name: Tyson Muller
Griefer Byond account (if known):

What happened:

While observing I spectated a chaplain called “Welds-The-Steel” and their friend “Miguel Hoenshell” in morgue looking to collect a soulless corpse to burn on their altar, however a security officer called “Tyson Muller” thought that this was illegal and decided to arrest Welds, and after taking them to brig they walked past the warden and cells and took them to the labour camp on lavaland where they remained for the better part of 10 minutes, until eventually Tyson removed their handcuffs and attempted to board the Gulag shuttle, but Welds manages to get into the shuttle and then into the security portion of it where they both proceed to have a standoff/fight which lasts another 5 minutes before Tyson is finally able to open a door and flash Welds before taking them back up to brig, flashing them 10 more times (I counted) and then taking them to perma and leaving them there, this is when Miguel tracks them both down and asks to see Welds on account of Miguel believing that they are holding them on false charges, still believing Welds is at gulag, he asks to be taken there by Tyson who complies until Welds manages to catch Miguel’s attention from the window into perma, and after saying to Tyson that he had found Welds, Tyson decided to hit the lockdown button and seal both of them in the perma wing of bridge until he could get some other security members to help him by calling Welds and Miguel “Traitors” and “Killers” despite welds only attacking Tyson after he had kept them detained for over 10 minutes with no evidence, after managing to stun Welds, Tyson put him in a cell with a 10 minute timer while Miguel was arrested by another security member and thrown into perma, although I was too busy watching Tyson throw a teargas grenade into Welds cell before throwing a barrier grenade in front of it and shooting the timer with an ion rifle which left Welds in there with no timer until he came back and shot the ion cannon at the cell some more which opened the cell door, after like 5 minutes (I assume they didnt notice the door opening) Welds finally breaks the barrier and runs towards brigs exit until they get caught by Tyson who immediately starts shooting at them with their disabler but Welds manages to run towards perma while Tyson recharges his disabler, after which he goes to detain Welds again but he gets distracted by a lawyer standing in an open locker who attacked him after tyson opened and closed the locker repeatedly, after arresting the lawyer Tyson turned his attention back to Welds after they shoved him and hit him with an axe a few times in view of everyone, responding to this by throwing 7 flashbangs at Welds and shoving them back in a cell for 2 minutes before putting them in disposals and flushing them.

About 35 minutes into the round ^

Sorry if I missed any of the important details, I dunno how to get their Byond Account name

taken care of thank you for reporting!