Guilleco Ban Appeal

Byond Account: Guilleco
Character Name(s): William Stone
Discord Name (ie: Name#1234): none yet
Round ID of Ban: 22489

Ban Message (Gyazo/imgur or copy and paste):The ban reason is: After saying penis in announcements. You proceeded to argue with me, and said that you dont consider it to be ERP. Please reread our rules and reconsider your views on sexual content while playing on a server that allows minors.This ban (BanID #33203) was applied by SilversX519 on 2022-10-04 10:48:26

State your appeal: I joined the round when the shuttle was about 30 untill it reached centcomm, i joined as captain because apparently there was one captain but i could still join as one so i did, seeing the round was ending in 10 seconds i decided to go to the annoncement console and stated the following: “Penis.” about 20 seconds later i get bwoinked and get scolded about i cant erp, i lost round logs about what mr Silvers said to me but i was shocked to see this was even a bwoinkable thing, round ended, and he seemes pretty serious about it, so he keept talking to me on the next round, in wich he said he was going to NOTE me, i could still not belive we were discussing this so i said, im going to shut up because i dont wanna say anything stupid. Aand then i lose connection and see, im banned for one day.

Notes: I know its 1 day, when i come from work tomorrow i will be unbanned afer like 2 hours, BUT STILL IT PISSES ME OFF THIS IS ACTUALLY A THING, i understand what ERP is and i’ve seen ERP bans go on, and people trying to appeal it in other servers, but they werent just speaking the word “Penis.” they were actually doing the “Erotic Role Play” i understand minors can play and play on the server, heck i was a minor when i started playing this game, but i think 13 year olds who play this kind of game dont get traumatized by the word of the thing hanging from their croch.
Im appealing this just because i want to fight such a stupid ban like this, i want someone to see this and talk to me.

I can confirm this is an actual thing. We allow minors on the server and have much stricter rules about sexual content than other servers because of this. You are warned about this when you log in as it is specifically mentioned in our message of the day. This is denied. If you disagree with this policy, you are welcome to find another server because this has been the case for about 2 years and is not up for debate.