Guy opens welded pod door spacing everyone

Byond Account: BowlFork
Character Name(s): Loudest Whisper
Discord Name: bowlfork
Round ID: i believe it was 27395 on selene station
Date: 8-6-23
Griefer IC name: Vijay Vindaloo
Griefer Byond account (if known): not known

What happened: Shuttle was called, the shuttle was the emagged death shuttle or something where you can kill anyone inside, bunch of people went into a pod so we dont all die. Once the pod took off I welded the door so you know, one of the 6 people in there doesnt open it and we all die. Vijay continues to go to the door and unweld it, and open it leading to most of us going into crit or dying in my case from the space, while they were fine since they had an eva before hand.

you guys welded the pod door shut before 4 people could get in, you were trying to maroon us and cursed at us when we got inside cause we didn’t want to die. I unwelded the door cause I didn’t want to be stuck when we got there and I honestly thought there would be a tiny fan in the door but I really don’t take pods often so that is my fault on that one and I’m sorry, I couldn’t really shut the door as people were blocking it, I honestly did not mean to get people killed as I know it might seem that , it was just a lapse in judgement in the moment and I’m sorry for it.

T.Hanks this has been looked into.