Haha mutiny? funny!

Byond Account:Donman12
Character Name(s): Dwight Walker
Discord Name: Donk
Round ID:14641
Griefer Byond account: N/A
Griefer Byond name: William Beans
What happened: I asked the hop for 600 credits he said no, then I noticed he had security huds and belt (as a Hop) when me and the hos said no to him having it, I then stunned him before having the no sound issue and going to departures to reconnect and fix it. Then on the shuttle I see him before stunning him cuffing him and putting him in security area because he had disobeyed and stole, he then came while the shuttle was under attack and stunned me before stripping me naked and saying “YOU’RE DEMOTED.” he caused me to die to pressure and lack of o2.

When the HoS and I*


In the future, it’s helpful to include that you were capt during this round. Anyway, this has been dealt with. Thanks!