Hank Hillith do be murderboning

Round ID: 11773
BYOND name: TheVillageStoneMason
Character name: Tuyi
Griefer name: Ray Roadman
Griefer account: Hank Hillith

What happened: I waltz into maints in search of a strange object and Ray Roadman, the miner, follows me and kills me. After a short chase, he kills me and drags my body to the secluded discoe room on Helio and strips all my stuff. He uses envy knife to disguise as me and leaves my body in there.

Whilst disguised as me, He tries to kill Katherine Hayden, the security officer and stops before anything happens. He says “I wanted to kill her but we can’t take 2 sec at once”. After waiting in bridge, he tries to lure Marx [Some last name I forgot] to maints to kill him.

I get revived and evac as normal. Big Boy Boris claims this miner attacked him on the shuttle too. I get to the round over card and his objectives had nothing to do with killing me or security. I was an assistant with no weapons or objectives, providing no actual gain for him to kill me. An argument could be posed that killing sec for HoS’ laser gun is valid but I believe this man just wanted to murderbone.

He did try to kill me (Big Boy Boris) despite no objectives being related to it, though there is a imho weak argument to be made in his defense. His holoparasite started breaking the bridge door on shuttle I told it not to, it continued, then I shot it a few times as a warning not to break stuff on shuttle for no reason and left it at that. Ray Roadman like a whole minute later enters bridge with a laser sword to attack me with his holoparasite, he nearly critted me before I managed to get away. I think he would have killed me if he got me to crit but not sure. I don’t really think me shooting his holoparasite a few times justifies this but not up to me to decide.

I’ve looked into this, thanks for the report.