HEAD job appeal

Byond Account: GrimzLex
Character Name(s): Cadan Arbor
Discord Name:GvimBlade
Round ID of Ban: 11177
Ban Message: https://gyazo.com/1cdc5149ff17860b2147bd22c70c3da9
State your appeal: I only built two reinforced walls and one vault door to keep randoms from stealing from engineering. Other engineers wondered why, i replied - to keep outsiders away from stealing insulated and tools. After i was done with a vault door some lone engi borg who agreed with me spamed 5 airlock doors and left. I was questioned by by admin and i even agreed to remove my vault door. I was told it was a powergaming. In my opinion i did not fully vaulted engineering and there was 2 entrys to engineering throug maints doors. I was never given a option to fix my doing i was simply kicked out of my body and was set on ghost.
First time writing appeal here.

Since I made this ban, I won’t be reviewing it, but the ban was due primarily due to you encouraging the borg who built the walls to do so by saying “I don’t like outsiders”. Bunkering engineering is specifically mentioned as an example of metagaming in our server rules (so I misspoke by calling it power gaming, but eh). As a command role, you are responsible for what is happening in your department, and setting the precedent that it’s okay to break server rules and then refusing to take responsibility for the actions that others thought were okay because the dept head was doing it (you literally could have just RCD’d down the walls and doors that the engie borg built and it would have taken like 30 seconds) is was netted you the command ban.

I have also seen him building rwalls and vault doors roundstart as normal engi pretty recently but cant be fucked to make a report and there was no admins on

… okay

Command incompetence is grounds for a command ban and you are responsible for your entire department, at least to a reasonable extent. Refusing to deconstruct a few airlocks in an area that you were already removing other constructions is what got you the ban. Honestly, you are pretty lucky that this wasn’t made a full server ban, because spamming tickets (and later trying to adminshop, while spamming more tickets) usually does result in progressing to a server ban.

Appeal denied.