Head of security using traitor gear

Byond Account: Fluxah
Character Name(s): Imram Ahmad
Discord Name: Machiavelli#1268
Round ID: 24075
Griefer IC name: Network
Griefer Byond account (if known): unknown

What happened: When ghosted I noticed the head of security taking out an esword to kill space vines.
I then continued to spectating him to just see him incase he had picked up the esword in the last 10 seconds and was planning on putting it away. He unofrtunatley did not. Annd continued to carry contraband on his person for the remainder of the round. Aswell as bringing it out multiple times before shuttle.

Screenshot - 14d96d1975de7c5882387e8cae48413f - Gyazo . Image for proof

looking into

Dealt with, thanks