Heehawmcgraw's Mentor App

Byond Account: heehawmcgraw
Character Name(s): screw
Discord Name: heehawmcgraw
Age: 30
Timezone: utc-4 / etc
Active hours: literally constantly. i have no schedule or timeframe and am on whenever i feel like being on.
Are you interested in becoming a mod?: not particularly but would provide input to mods

How long have you played on Fulpstation? 1300~hours

What departments are you able to be a mentor for?
Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments? 99% of med (like 1000 hours of medbay), all of basic engi/atmos, most of the basics of sci, most general stuff besides not having memorized space law for sec.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?
It’s a great place to learn on and learn to not be a shitter (obviously lol its a beginner server). I’ve seen tons of toxic players come and go. But I’ve seen a lot of good players come and stay. I have a bit of a biased perspective because medbay is a haven for those that want to help people. At the same time medbay is the perfect place to grief so I’ve seen more of that than probably every department besides Security. Personally, I want to just prevent round removals and pump people in/outta medbay and teach anyone whatever it is they ask besides stupid shit like bombs/murderchems unless theyre antag (which i wouldnt have much of a problem with if im able to teach OOC).

I do not seriously care about being a figure on the forums or discord community. I want to teach people how to play the game properly and answer any questions they have via an impersonal and objective format through mentorhelp. I am also legitimately dying irl and wont be on here anymore in a few months (no, i wont provide medical records to whoever is stupid enough to actually ask) so I figured that teaching people on one of the only things I’ve enjoyed and spent this much time on would be a decent way to further the community that spent even more time than I have on building up.

Either way, thanks for reading. Good luck, have fun.


Best chem on the server +1

Taught me a lot when I was learning, is a good friend, one of my favorite people to play with and I hope I get to keep enjoying playing with him for a long time :two_hearts:

Knows plumbing and is a med main. +2

honestly, every time i see this person it brings a smile to my face. is very nice and knowns alot about chems. FUN FACT: i consider them the final person that pushed me to put in my mentor app. +1, +2, maybe even a +3.

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Great player, cant even think of an interaction with Screw that wasnt at least engaging. Has saved countless space faring idiots, many of them being me, with their chem setups. +100

very good chemist +1

God chemist (taught me plumbing) +100

No longer a felinid -100 :frog:

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I both fear him when he’s chem and glad he’s so good at chem.


Best chemist on the server, a genuinely great player in all aspects

+1 and beyond

im pretty sure i have seen him in game and from what i have seen and heard hes pretty good at chemistry literally a weapon to surpass vela +1

Very good chemist, but he bullies me.

I’ll say what everyone else is saying, he’s a good chemist. He’s funny to goof around with in medical with Mercedes Bones too and just be goofy. Hell, I can’t forget the time he tricked me into comfort with carpet bombs then really bombed the absolute shit out of me and murdered my ass. He’s smart, does his job well, and is a nice guy. Love ya, Screw! +1

Second one should be another +100 :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Every time i see him he is always good fun +2 but i once saw him named scruwu. -1

literally commenting twice again smh my head
also +1

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Thank you everyone for the recommendations. Unfortunately I am withdrawing my mhelp app. Sorry for wasting people’s time on this app. I appreciate the consideration and kind words. Good luck and have fun being spessmans.


there is no option to dislike a post so instead i am giving you this 1592566349900

Screw’s existence is a +1 in general.

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