Hminh2010 (Lang Lang) Mentor App

Byond Account:

Character Name(s):
Lang Lang (previously Ling Ling)

Discord Name:
American Flag, Made in China#7651


Eastern Standard Time / UTC -5

Active hours:
My active hours are often random on a daily basis, but generally I’m active at around 2-12 PM EST on weekdays, and throughout the day on weekends.

Are you interested in becoming a mod?:
I would be interested in becoming a mod, though I feel like I need much more experience with the server and the community structure first before I could consider becoming a moderator.

How long have you played on Fulpstation?
I have a total of 576 living hours and 74 ghost hours.

What departments are you able to be a mentor for? Can you elaborate on your experience in those departments?
I believe I am able to mentor well for the Medical and Engineering Department. I can mentor for specific jobs within Service, Science, and Security, and I cannot mentor for Cargo nor Command at all.

Engineering - This is my most-played department, and the department I am most familiar with, though I am still learning plenty about it (as is the nature of Engineering)

  • Atmospheric Technician - I consider myself to be knowledgeable in atmos, I know how to keep the station alive and not freezing, know all of the starting pipe systems in atmos, enough to comfortably edit and improve it as I need to, mixed and made plenty of gases ranging from Pluoxium to Healium, know how to use the crystallizer, know how to use the turbine efficiently as an energy souce and as a mixing chamber, and know how to fight fires and deal with hot/cold rooms. I am still learning how to effectively do the HFR, but I know how to set it up and keep it stable, and how to deal with the HFR breaking down.

  • Station Engineer - This is one of the first role that I ever learned. I have sufficient knowledge in setting up the SM for N2 and CO2 setups, though I am still figuring out how to work more exotic setups, know how to fix or rebuild telecomms well, know how to effectively troubleshoot power setups, know repair, deconstruction, and rebuilding of non-airlock things by heart, and how to set up each station objective by heart.

Medical - I’ve played this department very consistently for the majority of my time in Fulpstation, and is my second-most played department.

  • Medical Doctor - I know all surgeries, aside from the exotic tech-based ones, from heart, know how to deal with any traumas, wounds, toxins, anything short of weird admin punishment / obscure stuff by heart, know all healing chems by heart, and how to deal with the inevitable mountain of bodies that medbay accrues within a timely manner.

  • Chemist - I know all of the chems listed under “Component chems” in the wiki by heart, and know how to set up chem factories that can produce pure synthflesh and multiver, and 95% pure advanced healing chems (salbutamol, salicylic acid, oxandrolone).

  • Paramedic - I’m familiar with all of the maps in rotation and where to find a given location even without an upgraded crew pinpointer or tablet to guide me (aside from most unique maint locations), and familiar with using the crew monitor to deduce who and where someone might be if their suit sensors are not maxed based on the amount of damage they have and what their occupation is.

  • VIrologist - I am familiar with most of the possible symptoms and what level of food is needed to get those specific symptoms, though I would consider this job my weakest Medical occupation.

Miscellaneous jobs that I feel confident enough to mentor for:

  • Roboticist - I know all of the ins and outs of this job, from building and maintaining cyborgs to doing augmentations for anyone.

  • Scientist - I know how to do toxins specifically - everything else requires me to scour the wiki and struggle with.

  • Security Officer - Familiar with space law and not being shitsec, as well as dealing with most antagonists.

  • Brig Physician - I would consider myself competent here for the same reasons why I consider myself competent as a MD, Paramedic, and Security Officer.

  • Chef / Bartender - I know some of the more common recipes by heart, though I feel this role is more about dealing with a massive hungry station and an even hungrier robot customer base than any knowledge-related problems.

What are some things you’ve noticed as a player on Fulp?

For the most part, Medical and Engineering are filled with competent-enough players for each role, except for Chemist and Atmos Tech. These two jobs are often the ones I find tutoring new or curious colleagues about the most, which is expected of for a newbie server.

Fulp also tends to have a mild lack of good, non-shitsec, regular security for most rounds, and I feel that it should be encouraged to have good mentors for security as well, and to encourage mentorhelps for security.


I’ve seen this dude quite a lot and I’ve never heard of anyone having problems with him. Swagger +1.

very cool brig phys +1

One of those medical players that will make sure that the disease has been cured and the vaccine is available, big +1 from me

I have personally medal’d this player for excellent and wholesome gameplay. +1

Your app has been accepted. Welcome to the mentor team!