HoP DNR midround because angry

Byond Account: SoreYew
Character Name(s): D.A.M.S.E.L.
Discord Name: Soryuu#0002
Round ID: 13546
Griefer Byond account:
Griefer Byond name: August Chill
What happened: A bluespace event caused several simplemob syndicate operatives to be on station, one in the hop office. HoP runs into AI sat, the operative chasing them in before I could close it. This is an issue, as you cannot stun a simplemob, and I am an Asimov lawset with a human inside my upload. They get crit to the operative before sec can save the day, which they do shortley after. While sec is fighting it, they succumb with “shiter ass ai” then immediately DNR.

It has been dealt with, thanks for the report!