HoP Validhunts and executes traitors on the spot

Byond Account: Soreyew
Character Name(s): Observer
Discord Name:Soryuu#0002
Round ID:14011
Griefer Byond account:KillerKarpfen
Griefer Byond name:Rocco Edwards
What happened:

I latejoin observe and it looks like mehmed Miller and a +1 are contracting. The HoP is chasing Miller through maints, and eventually detains Mehmed. The hop then takes Mehmed through science into the Sci Sec Outpost (Hop has given themselves the access unless they have roundstart science) and strips them, and asks captain to execute them. No crimes mentioned, and no security involved just “Found tator can i please execute.” He then beheads them both with a fireaxe, lovely!
dreamseeker_bC1aQqA7aI dreamseeker_MCD9mwRLaL

And here he is at the end of the round still with that fireaxe.

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also are we gonna mention the fact that captain gave his spare to a random felinid

He started chasing me after i hacked into genetics looking for someone but the guy wasnt there and when i was leaving i saw him start to chase me.I played bad, regardless, he broke lots of rules which continued through the rest of the round starting with him behading me, deepfrying my brain and eating which was followed by;

  1. He flashed the virologist and stripped him from his pda to go into virology and make a vaccine himself without saying anything to the viro, the viro followed him but he kept getting flashed.


  1. As you already saw in the picture above, after he got me, the contractor, he decided to keep the baton on him and took my contractor kit,put it in a briefcase and stashed it to his locker which he then took with him to shuttle but before he left, he went to captains office and stole all the medals, took ian with him as well. The briefcase is left of ian.


Here is what is contained in the briefcase; the stations blueprints were on jed when he killed him too which were on him and got those without saying anything to anyone.



Dealt with!